Health Awareness Talk (1 hour talk for a group of employees)

Awareness talks sensitize the employee in health promotion strategies and help to prevent the common preventable disorder/disease. It also helps to seek medical advice at the earliest which can help to early intervention.
Health talk will be usually a one hour talk with power point presentation and discussion by an experienced physiotherapist on the corporate with the objective of sensitizing health belief and motivate the employees towards preventative health.

A common topic which we have delivered based o the corporate need on the past

  • Ergonomic talk - Importance of ergonomics, desk exercise and work station modification.
  • Chair adjustment and work station wellness - Desk exercise and work station modification.
  • Health talk on the following topics
    • Bone health
    • Fall Prevention in elderly
    • Understanding Arthritis
    • Overview or musculoskeletal pain
    • Fibromyalgia: Is it simple or Syndrome!
    • Myo-facial pain: Prevention and Management

Group Exercise programme / Desk exercise programme

Constant posture over a period of time leads to muscular imbalances. The muscle which kept in shorten position goes for tightness and muscles kept in lengthen position goes for weakness. Work rest regimen is a best way to kick away the work-related pain. This exercise designed to keep employee pain free by simple exercise at workstation.

Group exercise programme will be one hour discussion and demonstration of exercise at workstation by experienced physiotherapist on the corporate with the objective of promoting employee health and prevent illness.

Individualized consultation and exercise advice (15-30 Min)

Individual musculoskeletal illness must be correlated with work nature. Keeping the same in mind, we have decided various programmes to assess the employee and workstation together and design the interventions for both at same time

Comprehensive assessment and intervention always provide work satisfaction and increase the productivity of employees.

  • Posture and flexibility assessment and ExRx (Exercise prescription)
    • Assessing the employees muscle strength and length and prescription and demonstration of exercise to correct the same.
  • Ergo Physio consultation and ExRx
    • Assessing the individual and their work station in relation with his/her discomfort or pain and modify the work station and prescription of exercise to overcome pain.
  • Individual work and musculo-skeletal assessment, ExRx and Ergo aid advice
    • Before the pain start, assessing the employee, work station, work nature and suggest exercise, work station modification and ergo support aids to enhance the health and performance.
  • Pre participation fitness certificate for fitness center / workout in gym
    • Checking physical fitness and designing the exercise programme for fitness center.

Onsite clinic in corporate / Industry

Work related musculo-skeletal pain is a common and continuous complain in software and BPO industry where they sit for long time. Services on corporate premises can help to provide the holistic assessment of employee, work station and plan the best intervention strategies. Spectrum Physio can provide physio consultation on weekly basis or start our own clinic in corporate as per their need.

Few of the challenging issues in the corporate owned health setup are absenteeism management and quality management. Spectrum Physio can also run the existing clinics. We are happy to design the wellness programme based on the corporate need. We are open for any discussion from corporate and we tailor made the programme based on their need.

Few of the suggestion are

  • Weekly consultation: Weekly one day physiotherapy consultation and ExRx in corporate
  • Regular outsourced clinic in corporate by spectrum physio pvt ltd
  • Outsourcing / Quality control, absenteeism management and maintenance of existing clinic in corporate
  • Short term clinic based on the need. (One month temporary clinic)
Customized programme

We can include more than one service and design the comprehensive health plan.

Eg, A company who had around 500 employees, we gave ergonomic awareness talk and invited the people who have problem to come for one-to-one consultation. During consultation, we offered ergonomic advice, exercise advice and refer to short term clinic if the employee really needs electro-physiotherapy treatment. Overall this programme had a very good feedback from maximum employees

Auditing programme (Time and fee differ based on the need)

audit will give overall understating about the work station, how employees are happily using the same. Expert physiotherapist visits the work place and access the work station and also access the employee as per international standard.

  • Work station assessment and modification / Ergo aid prescription / Report
  • Supporting services
  • Chair selection
  • Ergo aid selection
  • Work station modification
  • Double computer / double monitor ergonomics
  • Travel ergonomics – Eg- bus seat ergonomic...
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