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What we do

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

  • Musculoskeletal Pain & movement dysfunction physiotherapy and Manual therapy

Neuro physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation of Paralysis and weakness balance and coordination

Paediatric physiotherapy

  • Childhood developmental problem include cerebral palsy, autism and learning disabilities

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy for Post cardiac surgery, Physiotherapy for Post respiratory and conservative cardiac / respiratory physiotherapy

Post operative physiotherapy

  • Post operative physiotherapy for general medical and surgical conditions

Sport injury physiotherapy

  • Sport injury rehabilitation, training for injury prevention and sports injury management

Pregnancy exercise programme

  • During Pregnancy, post pregnancy physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy programme

  • General fitness and fall prevention in old age

Joint replacement rehabilitation

  • Knee, Hip, shoulder rehabilitation after the joint replacement surgery

Inpatient rehabilitation for paralysis

  • Admitting the paralytic patient for holistic rehabilitation

Physiotherapy at your doorstep

  • Home care / community physiotherapy

Ergonomic training

  • Ergonomic classes / work station evaluation at your workstation

Sports on-field injury management

  • First aid and sport physiotherapy in ground

Cyclist physiotherapy

  • Professional training for professional cyclist

Camp and staff training programme for charity organisations