Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Pain & movement dysfunction physiotherapy and Manual therapy

Neuro physiotherapy

Rehabilitation of Paralysis and weakness balance and coordination

Paediatric physiotherapy

Childhood developmental problem include cerebral palsy, autism and learning disabilities

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Post cardiac surgery, Physiotherapy for Post respiratory and conservative cardiac / respiratory physiotherapy

Post operative physiotherapy

Post operative physiotherapy for general medical and surgical conditions

Sport injury physiotherapy

Sport injury rehabilitation, training for injury prevention and sports injury management

Pregnancy exercise programme

During Pregnancy, post pregnancy physiotherapy

Geriatric physiotherapy programme

General fitness and fall prevention in old age

Joint replacement rehabilitation

Knee, Hip, shoulder rehabilitation after the joint replacement surgery

Inpatient rehabilitation for paralysis

Admitting the paralytic patient for holistic rehabilitation

Physiotherapy at your doorstep

Home care / community physiotherapy

Ergonomic training

Ergonomic classes / work station evaluation at your workstation

Sports on-field injury management

First aid and sport physiotherapy in ground

Cyclist physiotherapy

Professional training for professional cyclist