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Spectrum physio centre is a pioneer physiotherapy team in Bangalore, India for past fifteen years and provide wide range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for the needed peoples across the Bangalore in clinic and at home services.

Spectrum physio centre provide state of art physiotherapy and rehabilitation services with most advance physiotherapy and rehabilitation concept, advance exercise and electrical modalities.

Spectrum physio provides Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services at clinic and also at home across the Bangalore. Spectrum physio provide wide range of

Spectrum physiotherapy centre has a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced team of physiotherapist in different specialisation in physiotherapy. We are the pioneer team in physiotherapy with more than twenty five qualified, experience and dedicated physiotherapists working under one roof.

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  • Musculo skeletal pain clinic
    Advanced manual therapy, mobilization, Exercise therapy, Electro therapy treatment available at spectrum physio centre for Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain and all kind pain arising from arthritis, aging, sports...
  • Neuro rehabilitation clinic
    Advanced neuro rehabilitation approaches, Partial-Weight-Bearing Gait unit with treadmill, EMG Triggered stimulation, EMG Bio feedback, Stroke, Spinal cord injury, Poly neuropathy, GBS, Parkinson's and all kind of paralysis will be treated with individualised treatment protocol with state of art care.
  • Therapeutic Laser clinic
    Therapeutic laser is a state of art treatment method for Pain relief in sports injuries, arthritis and musculoskeletal pain and also best treatment for non healing diabetic and legulcers. High quality of LASER Treatment available in spectrum physio centre
  • Myofacial pain clinic
    Myo facial trigger point are the common cause of headache and many chronic muscle pain. Myofacial release, Muscle energy technique, Positional release therapy, Hypo ischemic pressure, Integrated neuro muscular inhibition technique, dry needling and LASER treatment available in spectrum physio centre.
  • Ergonomic clinic
    Spectrum physio provided wide range of Ergonomic service like heath talk, ergo physio consultation, Individual work station assessment, office setup guidelines, chair selection/ tool selection guidelines, Participatory ergonomic plans, and wide range of custom made services available for corporate, and also for individuals.
  • Electrotherapy clinic
    Spectrum physio centre equipped with most modern electro therapy instruments like IFT, TENS, Ultrasound therapy, Electrical stimulations, EMG Bio feedback, EMG Triggered stimulation, LASER, Combination therapy, Traction and many more. The Rehabilitation gymnasium equipped with Partial-Weight-Bearing Gait unit with treadmill, stationary bicycle, Gym Ball, Theraband and resistance tube, suspension therapy, gait training units such parallel bar, stair and more. Personalised attention is a key feature at our centres.
  • Posture clinic
    Posture deviation is a key area for most of Neuro musculo skeletal system. Abnormal posture leads to stretch weakness, adaptive shortening, myofacial trigger points and neuronal shortening. Posture clinic will screen will your postural abnormality, predict the injury and prevent the same by postural advice,
  • Cyclist and Runners clinic
    The paradigm of cycling and running is keep changing and the need of professional advice in injury prevention also increasing over a period of time. Spectrum physio provide the cyclist physiotherapy, Bike fitting, physiotherapy for runners, on field physiotherapy for cyclist and runners
  • Physiotherapy at home
    Aging, traffic and travel tiredness, attenders care, bladder & bowel issues are the factors requires the Physiotherapist at home. Spectrum have network of 7 centre and 27 qualified, experienced and dedicated physiotherapist. We provide all kind of physiotherapy and rehabilitation across the Bangalore for the needed peoples




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SPECTRUM PHYSIO CENTRE (Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Yoga): SITA BHATEJA SPECIALITY HOSPITAL, # 9,O'Shaughnessy road,
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