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Outpatient Physiotherapy

Spectrum physio centre provides physiotherapy treatment on outpatient

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Any person who needs intensive rehabilitation can be admitted in sita

Homecare Physiotherapy

Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated physiotherapist also provide

Ergonomic Advice

Ergonomic class for employees, on site ergonomic assessment

Sports Training

Sports-related injuries are common during competitive sports events

Pregnancy Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy can helpful in preventing pregnancy related

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Age-related muscle weakness and age-related fall is very common

Cyclist Physiotherapy

Cycling is a fast-growing professional and recreational sport in Bangalore.

Runners Physiotherapy

Running is a fast-growing professional and recreational sport in Bangalore

What We Treat

Choose the Conditions – (A-Z)

Facet impingement/facet lock, Facial palsy, Fibromyalgia, Foot drop, Fracture rehabilitation

Choose the Speciality

Achilles Tendinitis, Achilles tendon rupture, Acromioclavicular Separation, Acute Bursitis

Choose the Body Part

Cartilage damage, Degenerative arthritis, Dislocation, Gout arthritis, Joint pain

Home Care Physiotherapy

Spectrum Physio Centre committed for the foolproof evidence-based better quality of Physiotherapy care in India. As we understand the need of old aged, neurologically suffering clients and other who find to travel to our setups, we established the home care physiotherapy for all your needs at your doorstep by experienced qualified and dedicated physiotherapists.

  • Most of our physiotherapists are experienced and done Master in physiotherapy .

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