Outpatient physiotherapy services

Spectrum physio centre provides physiotherapy treatment on outpatient basis in all centres. Our centres open at morning 8:00 AM and closed on 8:00 PM.

Inpatient care

After surgery we will take care of the needs of Nursing , wound care, Physiotherapy , Occupational therapy , Speech Therapy , physician monitoring , caretaker 24/7 or on demand caretaker and other needs at our specific centres located in Hospitals and rehab centres.

Outreach physiotherapy / Homecare physiotherapy

Highly qualified, experience and dedicated physiotherapist also provide home care physiotherapy for anyone who has difficulty to come to physio centre on regular basis.

Corporate consultation and Ergonomic advice

Ergonomic class for employees, on site ergonomic assessment and physiotherapy treatment for cumulative trauma centre can be provided on your organisations/ company.

Sports training and on field injury management

Sports related injuries are common during competitive sports events and on-field physiotherapy can help the sports person to continue in sports after injury. Spectrum physiotherapy centre undertake the on field injury management during various sports events. We also help for injury prevention and pre-participation screening programme, prioritisation for sports persons.

Pregnancy exercise programme

Exercise during pregnancy can helpful in preventing pregnancy related musculoskeletal complication like back pain, swelling and generalised pain. Exercise also helps to encourage the normal delivery and post delivery exercise can help to maintain abdomen muscle strength, shape, and prevent back pain in later age.

Geriatric physiotherapy programme

Age related muscle weakness and age related fall is very common problem leads to visit physician in old age. Appropriate exercise can help in age related fall and general wellness and increased quality of life.

Cyclist physiotherapy

Cycling is a fast growing professional and recreational sport in Bangalore. The proper cycling mechanics (Bike fitting), appropriate musculoskeletal training can make the cyclist to ride it with comfort and do best performance.

Runners physiotherapy

Running is a fast growing professional and recreational sport in Bangalore. Appropriate periodisation, shoe selection can enrich the running performance.

Therapeutic fitness programme

Exercise is the best medicine when it prescribed well; we prescribe the best evidence based exercise for life style disorders like hypertension, diabetic, cancer and also general fitness.

Camp and training programme for charity organisations

Spectrum physiotherapy is happy to conduct the camp in your premises, health talk in your premises and avail the training programme in wide categories according to your request. We are happy to provide Training on physiotherapy, rehabilitation and Community Based rehabilitation programme.