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Spectrum Physio Centre

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Where we are - clinics - Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital

Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital

A legendary healthcare institution in Bangalore, established over 40 years ago. Legendary for its expertise in maternal and child care, it has now entered a new era with expertise in Brain and Spine care, Bone and Joint care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The state of operation theatre scaled up with

  • Seamless Interiors
  • Zeiss Operating Microscope
  • Philips C-Arm
  • Midas Rex Neuro Drill
  • High Definition Endoscopy Camera
  • Central Medical Gases

Experience and dedicated consultants in all specialities available

The hospital also affiliated by various third party insurance agencies

Contact details

Spectrum Physio Center
Sita Bhateja Speciality Hospital
8 & 9 O'Shaughnessy Road,
Langford Gardens, Bangalore 560 025.
(Behind Baldwins Girls High School,
near Hockey Stadium, Opposite Divyasree Chambers)
Mobile: 8088773399