Spectrum Physio Rajaji nagar branch located in west of cord road, next to ISKON temple. This setup is located in next to Bangalore one office after ISKON, in the same building of Sheersha brain and spine centre and green trends saloon. This centre is a standalone physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit by Spectrum Physio started by 2014. This centre functions from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Qualified, Experienced and dedicated male and female physiotherapist available for your better recovery.

    Physiotherapy services available for
    Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy, Manual therapy services for pain
    Treatment for musculo-skeletal pain and discomfort
    Pediatric and Adult neurological rehabilitation
    Home care physiotherapy care for disabled and bedridden patients.
    Posture assessment and injury prevention
    Ergonomic clinic and RSI Prevention

Contact details

Spectrum Physio Centre
Number 75/7, 20th A Main Road,
Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560010
Landmark: Near ISKON Temple & behind Bangalore One in west of chord road
Mobile: +91 80887 73399

Manjunath Venkat
Manjunath Venkat
06:30 20 Jul 18
Recently I had facial paralisis of rightside caused by infection of the 7th nerve.The neurologist after MRI of the head prescribed some medicines and directed me to go to physio therapy for 20 days.To my surprise by about 10days there was 80 percent improvement.I took 5more sessions continuesly.By the end of 30 days I recovered fully.The therapists guided me about.exersises,taping the facial muscles etc.Thank u very much.
Raghu Raghavendra
Raghu Raghavendra
12:19 09 Jul 18
I had a Golfers Elbow and it was quite painful I went to Spectrum physio centre in Rajajingar and met Mr. Suresh and immediately the way he examined me and the way he treated ,I felt,I have come to the right place . He treated for my Elbow+ the way he spoke to me, soothingly and with lot patience gave me lot of relief. Totally I went for 7 sessions and my Golfers Elbow pain got relieved. It's a nice , clean and we'll kept centre and most importantly , I was well treated and we'll taken care A.RAGHAVENDRA
vikram v
vikram v
10:41 21 May 18
Great experience being with Dr.Suresh had lot of pain in my shoulder due to overstress of the muscle because of bowling within a single sitting I can see a lot of pain reduced .......Happy to be here ?
Ningappa D Policegouda
Ningappa D Policegouda
12:35 21 Jul 18
Since from 2 year I was suffered due to neck pain I went so many hospitals they were suggested to take MRI and CT scan but not used here I cured By Dr Suresh is one of the best physiotherapist he had taken just 20 minutes to solve my neck pain.
Sagar Raghupathi
Sagar Raghupathi
06:50 22 Apr 18
I meet Dr Suresh for physiotherapy , I had shoulder dislocation with upper brachial plexus injury and wrist drop unable to lift my hand, zero motion in wrist ,my little and ring finger were paralized , Dr Suresh started with pain blocking and ultrasonic , explained each and every minut details of the process he carried out graduatally I saw improvements in my range of motion of my hand and later he gave simulations to the wrist now I my able to lift my wrist ,fingers which were paralized was resolved .Now I'm able to grab things ,typing..Etc this all was achieved in 20 days span.Moreover Dr Suresh is every friendly ,he cares this patients alot and he on special interest came on Sundays even to treat me.One of the doctor said hope I would get my hand recovered even after the surgery. Now speaking about the clinic it's very clean and well maintened.
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